Jun 292011
miramar bed bugs

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Bed Bug Control

Of course you’ve heard that saying many times before, and unfortunately residents of Miramar, Florida have been exposed recently to more bed bugs. They are disgusting creatures that bite and actually will give you skin rashes and leave marks on your skin.

Bed bugs problem? don’t be embarrassed!

They are travelers and you probably got them from buying used furniture, a hotel, or traveling. They are on the rise also because of Craigslist and people buying used furniture.

If you think you have them, here are some signs:

Fecal spots on the mattress, blood smears on sheets (most of the time these will look like rust colored spots), and bites on the skin.

They are hidden and not easy to spot since they only come out when it is dark and they hide in crevices.

If you think you have bed bugs, contact us immediately. We will take the time to inspect your house and ensure that are completely removed.

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