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Miramar Pest Control & Exterminator is your #1 stop for pest control and extermination.  Termites, each year, cause over $2 billion dollars in damages.  Just damage from them is easily in the hundreds of thousands every year.  If you think you see a them or notice sawdust around any wood in your home, you should contact us right away to have us come out and inspect your home.  If you delay calling us the damage could only become more expensive and extensive

Not all them are created equal.  Different termites work and live differently.  Below is a list of different types that live in the United States.  Not all of these these are going to be in the area, but we wanted to put them up to educate you on them anyway.

Each type poses a different type of threat to a home, depending upon the type of wood it feeds upon or where it will generally congregate.  The type of termite may determine the type of treatment initiated by pest control professionals.  Not all will cause problems for residents and businesses.

 Termite Control & Extermination

The five main types are:

  • Desert Subterranean
  • Drywood
  • Eastern Subterranean
  • Formosan Subterranean
  • Western Subterranean

If you think you have them in your home or business you must act now before they eat you out of house and home…literally.  Since they can fit through the smallest cracks conceivable cracks in your home, even if you don’t currently have termites, your home or business could be at risk.

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